What can be Better than A Birthday on the Beach!

Brainstorm Force was born on 1st March 2009! Our co-founders, Mr. Abhijeet Kaldate and Mr. Sujay Pawar came together and created this platform where we are a family now!

We do not miss the opportunity to celebrate this day; a day that gave us a reason to be together.

May it be the office decorations, games, parties or outings, our main focus is on celebrating the bond we share, here at work. We either have a fun day at work with lots of music, games and food, go out for a happening party or plan an outing over the weekend.


This year we planned an outing and it came as a pleasant surprise!

Many of us were wondering what could be done to make this Birthday a different one. Although wasn’t discussed together, birthday celebrations had then become a part of the core discussions.

On the 27th of February 2016, a Saturday, everyone was busy working trying to complete their tasks. Sujay sir put up a message asking for suggestions on how we could celebrate the birthday. After a series of pictures from the celebrations we had in the last two years, it was finalized that it would be a picnic this time! The destination was a private beach at Anjarle!

Things were all discussed and planned with Swapnil taking the lead. We were to leave on Sunday, the 28th February, by late evening. Time set, vehicle booked and committees like the food committee, the music and entertainment, media and photography and more were made.

It was the night of 28th February; we gathered in office at around 10 pm and were waiting for the vehicle to reach. After a lot of fun and preparations, we left our premises by about 11:30 pm. With loud music, joyful cheers and lot of dance, the journey was complete fun!

Brainstorm Force Birthday at Anjarle

After almost 1 and a half days spent at this scenic location, it was time to bid farewell to Anjarle and come back home. The peaceful environment, the gushing waves, the wave sounds heard even from the room, the yummy Konkan delicacies and of course the fun we had together, made the picnic a memorable one.

The most enjoyed moment was the cutting of the cake; a different cake made out of sheera at midnight on the beach!

What can be more special than celebrating togetherness, altogether?

Another memorable celebration and an outing added to the list of “Memories at Brainstorm”!

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