WordPress 4.7 is coming!

WordPress 4.7 will be released in just a few hours. This update was lead by Helen Hou-Sandí and we at Brainstorm Force have been following the development closely with 9 of our team members earning the contributors badge for their involvement in the development of this release.

Let’s take a look to see what’s new in WordPress 4.7!

New Default Theme – Twenty Seventeen

It has been a tradition to release a new default theme with the last release of WordPress every year. Following this, version 4.7 will introduce a new default theme: Twenty Seventeen. So far, most of the default themes that came with WordPress focused on blogs or magazines. However, Twenty Seventeen is an exception and it focuses on business websites. Here are some screenshots of how it looks –

What’s more interesting is twenty seventeen theme will come with dummy content to help new users set up their WordPress websites.

Some other interesting things you can find in Twenty Seventeen:

  • Multiple sections on the front page, selected in the Customizer.
  • Custom color schemes, built on top of a monochromatic foundation, and adjustable via a hue picker.
  • Video Headers
  • Support for custom logo, custom header image and many post formats.
  • Custom CSS in Live Preview.
  • Different headline placement for pages, changeable in the Customizer, via theme options.
  • SVG icons (a first for a default theme)


Admin Language Control for Users

This is huge for sites that have contributors across the globe. Currently, the backend language of WordPress remains the same for all users. However, In WordPress 4.7 users will be able to select their preferred language when editing their profile.


Thumbnail Previews for PDF Files

With WordPress 4.7, it will be much easier than ever to manage PDFs in the Media Library as the new version will generate the image preview of the first page of your PDF files.

Earlier, WordPress displayed just an icon for each PDF file.

Editor Enhancements

As most of the WordPress users spend the maximum of their time in the editor, the WordPress team is always looking for ways to improve it. In the 4.7 release, labels for keyboard shortcuts have been added to make them easier to understand.

Furthermore, some buttons have been rearranged for better accessibility.

Custom Bulk Actions

Developers will love this feature as with WordPress 4.7, they can add their own custom bulk actions on different admin screens like posts, comments, users, etc.


Post Type Templates

This is something I’m personally very excited about! Earlier, it was possible to create templates for just pages. Now, theme and plugin developers can create templates for different post types as well, which provides them even more flexibility with the WordPress template hierarchy.

Rest API Content Endpoints

Rest API content endpoints has been the most awaited feature among developers that will finally make its way into WordPress 4.7. As all Content Endpoints will be available in the core now, developers will be able to build innovative applications on WordPress more easily.

Other Features and Under the Hood Improvements

There are tons of other improvements that will be a part of this release.Such as –

  • Locale Switching
  • Theme API Goodies
  • WP_Hook
  • WP_Taxonomy
  • Customize Changesets
  • Attributes for Resource Hints
  • wp_list_sort() and WP_List_Util
  • And many other that you can find in WordPress Codex!

 Our Contribution:

For us, this release is special as nine of our team members contributed to the development of core and Twenty Seventeen theme. Congratulations Nikhil, Pratik, Sandesh, Mahesh, Vikas, Swapnil, Dinesh, Mohan and Vrunda!

Cheers to all other contributors and everyone who worked hard to make this release a successful one!

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